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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Decor - Part II

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Built-in shelves flank our fireplace since this house was built. We've lived in this house for 13 years and many of those years these shelves have been one hot mess! Only recently have I been enlightened by my good friend, Amanda, that you don't just pile up all your crap up there and call it a day. Who knew?I always knew I liked how other people arranged their schtuff, but had no idea of the thought process which went into it. So, I scoured catalogs and the internet in search of some guidelines. These are some pointers I took note of.

Keep "heavy" objects on the lower shelves. (Heavy can be weight or bulkiness.)

Like items make more of an impression when grouped together. (Especially if they're small.)

Use "greens" as a place for your eye to rest. (My greens are dried or fake.)

Vary textures, shapes and colors to keep the eye moving from top to bottom.
For a more subtle effect, vary the textures and shapes, but keep everything in the same color.

Use items which have special meaning to you. (This Pressman camera was given to me by my father-in-law and is a real treasure to me.)

Place objects on shelves in layers. (I'm a major offender of this "rule" - I used to line up my items like soldiers in one row.)

Leave some open space on each shelf. (About 10%)

Sort books by color rather than subject. (This works well if you don't have a ton of books.)

Stand books vertically and stack horizontally. Large books make a great stand to elevate a piece. (plates, pictures, etc.)Exclude paperbacks and remove dust jackets from hardcovers.

I don't know that I've followed all the "rules', but I do know my shelves look a whole lot better. Before, I had a ton of framed pictures on my shelves and now the pictures I've selected have special meaning and can get the proper attention they deserve.

What rules do you follow or break when decorating your shelves?
Thanks for visiting and Happy Easter, friends!


  1. your shelves are beautiful!!! love the shabby chic frames, and fun accents!

  2. Thanks for all the tips, I love the way your shelves look. I also buy small items or books from places I visit and place them in my shelves, reminds me of where I have been.

  3. you have a real gift for arrangements Traci! Wishing you a very Happy Easter!!!

  4. Your shelves look great - I love the variety of books, photos and objects. And that camera is super-cool!

  5. These are WONDERFUL tips...thank you so much for posting them! I would be ashamed to have you see my shelves in this den. Talk about clutter!! I need to follow your suggestions.


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