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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lears - Part I

It took a day of stormy weather to tear me apart from my mulching/weeding/gardening. I figure I'm down to about 30 bags (from 200) of mulch left and much of my body was screaming for a break. Not to mention, how positively awful I was feeling for not working on my dear friends' family portraits before now.

You can see more photos of this wonderful family and larger versions from our shoot here.


  1. they are a beautiful family. the rain kept me from planting today but i need to decide about what herbs i want anyway. last year the only thing that really grew for me was pineapple sage (and a little goes a long way).

  2. YAY, US!!! I am so thrilled. SO thrilled! Thank you thank you thank you, T!


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