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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine Photo Possibilities

As I began writing this, I realized a few of the photos I wanted to use are not digital. Drat! So we will have to make due with what I've'll forgive me won't you? Anyway, I get so many compliments whenever I take Valentine themed photos and send them to loved ones far away. Why shouldn't you, too?

These are from 2008:
Doesn't Ella look like she's givin' me the ole stink-eye? I think she's Amish and thinks I'm stealing her soul whenever I take her picture.
These two I have framed and on the mantel: Want to duplicate this? Set up your shot before adding the poochie into the equation. Have your child's face filling most of the frame and the focus locked in. Take a delicious spreadable food (i.e. peanut butter, cream cheese, etc.) and place a small amount on your child's cheek. Call over the pup and snap away! I guess I should suggest only doing this with an animal you trust completely. Oh, and know whatever food item you use doesn't cause an allergic reaction in anyone.

If you don't have a pooch or if you want some other fabulous Valentine photo ideas, head over
here to see the winners of her Valentine themed photo contest.
Happy snapping!


  1. Wait! Full stop. Is that stealing the soul thru photos an AMISH thing?!? We have said that about Jadyn all these years - and it turns out she may be just Amish???? What a relief. Oh, and these shots are awesome. Could I use Phoenix as the pooch? He can really lick some peanut butter.

  2. So so cute!!! And a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing!


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