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Sunday, February 21, 2010


My online photography class is over and I miss it. I loved getting a lesson each week with clear and concise ideas, photos illustrating the teacher's point perfectly and then finally the assignment. I learned so much and would highly recommend Maggie Holmes' online courses.
However, the in-house models I was using tired quickly of helping me with my homework assignments.
Example A:Ella is so sick of this...

Example B:
She couldn't get the dog in the shot, so now she's sick of it, too.

To the rescue - my good friend, Heather. She generously agreed to volunteer her time and be my "lighting" homework assignment model.Did I luck out or what?
It was a great learning experience for me. Plus it helps having someone incapable of taking a bad picture as your model.Out of the whole session, I think there were maybe four shots I didn't edit.An example of how back-lighting, if properly exposed can produce stunning results.
(I was taught from the beginning to never have the light behind your subject.) Who knew?

Heather and her fabulous hair - holy cow!
A huge thank you to Heather for her help, patience and feedback! I can not even tell you how fun this was for me.
This experience also made me think about how often we (moms, women, the family photographer) are not in the shot. So even if you don't go and have a whole session of photos taken, make sure you get in some shots as well.

And so you know I follow my own advice:portrait by our son, Jack
Get into the picture, friends!


  1. wow - beautiful models do help but fantastic time with poses and expressions too

  2. lovely work. your class was a good investment. i may try one sometime, been thinking about it, especially the part about lighting...

  3. Yes I'd say you lucked up! Heather is gorgeous! Can't go wrong there. And light behind the subject is awesome...I think all the rules I was taught way back in the day have flown out the door!! I love it! Good job!

  4. Traci, these are WONDERFUL portraits! Yes, having such a beautiful model helps, but they are also beautifully posed and lit, and your portraits really come to life... terrific work!

  5. traci . i had to chuckle at the dog, they are the hardest to photo...your model friend is lovely ..your pictures turned out really well, each one!

  6. great job! Thanks for the bday wishes..I love natural light! Your pictures and modle are all very good..I need to look into Maggie Holmes..I follow her blog too. have you heard of Sandy Puc? She has a training tour in various citys. I ouwld love to go to the Indy stop, but I dont know if Ill have the!
    Check her out:

  7. These are all so great! Wow! I would love to take a class, and online seems so convenient! I'll have to look into the link you shared. Thanks for sharing! :)


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