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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January Decor

I do realize January is almost over.
I'm not gonna let that little detail stop me from sharing with you all how I decided to transition from the excessiveness of the holiday season to the streamlined natural look for the new year. I seem to struggle every January with how I want to decorate...being in the South, we don't have true winter weather or I might be tempted to try this:image from Hope Studios
Here is the link if you'd like the instructions. I think this is a great wintry look!
But, like I said, we don't get real winter weather. (Don't hate - you wouldn't want to be here in August. I don't want to be here in August!)
Back to January. It all started with the spring Pottery Barn catalog. If you read this post, you know I'm on a tear to organize this house and you'd think all catalogs go directly into recycling.!
The Reader's Digest version is, I saw these:
and made it my mission to find a cheapie version. (The larger one goes for $59.)
Friends, you have to go weekly and you too can find "PB imitators" at incredibly reasonable prices. How reasonable, Trace? $4.99 reasonable!!!
Yep, $4.99 a piece for these beauties! Now I know there are bloggers who get great stuff at the Goodwill or thrift shops. Not me. Not only do I strike out, but I feel like I need to shower afterwards. (You might recall I live in an area where portable dancing poles are advertised as Christmas gift ideas.) See here, if you need proof.

Where to go? TJ Maxx Home Goods! I then copied my good friend, Amanda's idea to use whole coffee beans as filler around my pillar candles.I don't even drink coffee, but I love the aroma of my hubby's hazelnut blend! The table runner is from Ma-Ma and too pretty to be covered up by anything else. This is where I got my jumping off point. I decided I wanted to keep things neutral browns, creams, whites and subtle greens...leave the color for February and eventually spring. And then my brain ran with it and thought, what should go on the mantel?
Well, of course! Issue: we have not one pine tree in our yard. I needed an immediate fix, so while walking Ella, I spotted a house in our neighborhood that had a plethora of pine cones. Unfortunately, Ella filled the bag I had with me, so I had to get one from home and come back. My plan was to "ad-mire and ac-quire" (say this with a deep Southern accent) those pine cones, but it couldn't be that easy could it? Nope, by the time I returned to the house, there was a car in the driveway. Hmmm. What's an impatient, gotta-decorate-it-now girl to do? I'll tell you what - knock on the door, lie your a$$ off about needing pine cones for your kid's school project and promptly collect them and be on your happy little way. I mean really, do I want to be known as the crazy pine cone lady of the neighborhood? Right. Did it work? You betcha.
Here is the result on my mantel: (click to enlarge)I tried it with just the potted bulbs up there, but it was too plain for my liking. I collected the sticks from our back yard and tied them with jute/twine and placed them behind the pots. I know it's nothing fancy, but I have loved the simplicity.
Another fabulous find at Home Goods is this large pedestal bowl for $20. Filled it with pine cones too. I'm crazy like that. The flower pot hugger is hand made and reminds me of Ella. I just realized I am way beyond a Reader's Digest version, so here's my dining room:A closer look at the terrarium (also from Ma-Ma) on the hutch:I came across a blogger who recommended taking a closer look at faux florals. She said the quality has improved and I certainly agreed when I found this orchid stem for $2. I thought the fern looked good too. Already had the river rocks, cut some stem off and bent them to place under the rocks - no hot glue needed. Easy and I don't have to worry about killing an expensive plant!Whew! If you're still reading you get a gold star! (And a pine cone.)
Happy ad-mirin' and ac-quirin'!


  1. beautiful, beautiful - funny- beautiful. :) I might sent my kids to pilfer pine cones... is that wrong?! heehee I recently got a small black terrarium, and wondered how to {not} kill anything in it. Great idea (s)!!!!

  2. i love your style!!! especially your mantel...clean and beautiful and cozy...

  3. Great tips and ideas! Love it! So pretty! I need to get back into decorating!
    (PS. Thanks for all of your support on my blog, you are so sweet!)

  4. Traci, your mantel looks beautiful! In fact, your whole house looks beautiful!!! Love the black hutch in the dining room. :)

  5. LOL....About the thift store and GW's...I love them but I do know what you mean....I keep hand sanitizer in my car and put it on my hands right when I get back in it. I also do not touch my face while I'm shopping! :)
    Your things and ideas are the pine cones!

  6. wow...all your house decorating looks fabulous !
    and I love that you love a good deal, too....PB is great for ideas, but often their prices throw me into a full blown out tizzy....

    love your colors and simplicity while keeping it all warm.....

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