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Monday, February 8, 2010

Quick, Cheap and Easy...

Decorations! Don't be sassy with son and I barely survived his first book report last week and now I'm waiting for the AT & ! guy who was supposed to be here between 9 and 11. It's now noon. Do you think God is trying to tell me something?! Be patient, child!

I have no problem with Valentine's Day. I just don't want my house to look like Cupid came in and threw up everywhere. Nice image, huh? However, our kids do love when I change things up a bit. So in keeping with my "streamline" approach, I share with you my felt circle garland and tissue paper hearts.

Here is the mantel for February:
Close up of garland.Very easy to make! Buy the adhesive backed felt and you don't even need to mess with glue. I used ribbon spools to trace my circles. Use 4 circles if you want the dimension like mine. Peel off backing, fold circle (good side to good side) and match up another folded circle, stick halves together, stick your third circle on there, place your twine or ribbon down the center and then place your fourth circle, matching up the edges. Did that make sense?Next project is excellent with the kiddos! I used the cardboard from our empty cereal boxes, drew different sizes of hearts and cut them out. I didn't paint mine, but thought about it and said who gives a rip if you see some cardboard? Besides, the kids made more of an effort to cover the entire shape rather than have cardboard showing. Punch a hole to hang your heart from.I love this project because you can use that tissue paper that's all wrinkled up or has a rip...what !? you don't save crumpled up tissue paper?!!? Okay then, go to the dollar store! I cut my tissue paper into 2"x2" squares - no measuring, just approximate. Ball up tissue and glue on randomly or make patterns.
Get some colorful curling ribbon at the Dollar Store or use whatever you've got stashed away. You can repeat this project for any seasonal decorating - just cut different shapes. When you're done you can hang them, prop them against pictures of loved ones or share them!Happy crafting!


  1. Ack!!! You had me at Quick & Cheap!!! That is fabulous. And the kiddie craft is grand! I have *really* needed to do something with all that wrinkled and ripped tissue paper. Really. Beginning to see signs of hoarding. T, this is one of my faves. I love how you hung the hearts in front of your sheers. Squee!

  2. Super easy and fun ideas..thanks for sharing.
    They are too cute!

  3. Your valentines decorations are just beautiful! Very creative!


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