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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Photography: Angles, Part III

This is the last of this series, unless I learn something new and then I'll be sure to pass it along. This recommendation is also easy-peasy.
Instead of always shooting your subject straight-on, tilt your camera a bit.
Just be sure that your subject doesn't look like they are about to fall down a steep slope.
Here are some examples:
Our Godson
The angle of Baby S. here works well, but would not have worked if the top of his head had been tilted towards the bottom left corner. Can you picture what I'm talkin' about? (I am somewhat biased, but look at those sweet little lips and cute wittle nose...isn't he beautiful?)

Our daughter, Daniella
She's a cutie, too. (Again, I'm pretty biased.)

This week I have the distinct honor of photographing our neighbor who will be giving birth to their first child sometime this month. It will be my first maternity shoot, so send some good thoughts my way as I am a bit nervous.

Thanks for stopping by and happy picture-taking!


  1. I try tilting sometimes and it never strikes me right - I'm being too rigid. I need to keep trying so I get effortless looking shots like these (I know you put in effort but they look so free and easy))

  2. D. is so sweet & lovely... that shot looks like a painting that should be entitled "Sweet and Sassy." ;-)

  3. Hi Traci - thanks for stopping by my blog. In answer for your request regarding suggestions for baby shots, I highly recommend this blog. She's a fabulous photographer, and has a way with children shots.


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