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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saving Face...

...faces, that is for another post. This tip may be something you've never considered doing before. Exclude faces to emphasize a different part of your subject and to give a twist to a portrait shot. This type of photo is a terrific addition to more traditional portraits and can say something totally different about your subject.
Here are some examples:
This ballet photo puts the emphasis on the three girls being in-sync. Quite an accomplishment for five-year-olds, if you ask me.
(I did a cross-processing treatment-why the color may look wonky to you.)

Bob, our neighbor's cat and our daughter. Listening to the birds together.

Baby P's feet in Momma, Bethany's hands. See his toes wrapping around her finger? Shows how baby is a snuggler - right down to his toes!

So the next time you're clicking off a bunch of shots, try to add a bit of the unexpected to your series and exclude the face of your subject.

Happy picture-taking and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love this idea Traci and have posted a couple of portraits I had taken ages ago on my blog, you might enjoy them. Its so much fun trying a different way of portrait taking. Love the ballerinas too.

  2. i love the idea too - i have one of my son at about 9 months, butt naked with a cowboy hat on taken from behind, all you see is butt and hat and it is one of my favs

    aside from the steelers fan part (i'm from cleveland) i think we can be friends :)

  3. sweet photos....those feet are precious !

  4. This is such great advice!!! We focus on the 'main' stuff so much forgetting about all the extras that make things memorable. Love your "Angles" posts...those are fabulous examples and it's so good to get reminders for all the ways to be creative and unique in photography:)

  5. These are the shots that make a story and pay more attention to the details.


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