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Friday, September 25, 2009

Photography: Angles, Part II

Amanda's oldest stinker-boy
Part II is simple: Shoot from above your subject.
One of my favorite angles because it eliminates double chins. (Not that any of these subjects suffers from the dreaded turkey neck.)

My Ma-Ma and our kiddos
I really adore these first two photos. However, in my effort to continually improve, I often critique my own work. In the first one, I am so mad that I cut off his toes. In the second one, I would have adjusted the glasses on Jack, so as to not have the top of his frame cutting right through his eyes. Mind you, it doesn't keep me from enjoying these photos, it just reminds to pull back a little to include tiny toes and double-check where glasses are sitting on a subject.

Our daughter, Daniella and our fur-baby, Ella

This shot of Daniella and Ella is one of my all-time very favorites. I love how it looks like Ella is smiling and I just remember what a joyful afternoon that was - our little girl playing with her new doggy.

Happy picture-taking!
P.S. Sorry my font sizes are all over the place! I've tried correcting it and have just about burst a vein in my neck trying to fix it. My apologies.


  1. Well, you got the stinker part right! And, I think the picture/angle is just right too, if I do say so myself. We've gotten so many oohs and ahhs over that great photo you took!!!

  2. Oh, the light in that first shot is beautiful! And I love the last one, too -- it looks like the fur baby is smiling! :) They are all great shots!

  3. Lovely, lovely! That one of Ella & D is precious! I remember another great one you did from above - your Christmas one from a few years ago.

  4. Hi, just joined as one of your bloggy friends. I appreciate your creativity and your willingness to share your experiences in photography. I just took the leap to start my business, and I'm taking any and all info I can get.

    Here is my

    Come and sit for awhile ; )


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