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Friday, October 30, 2009

Jack, Memories and 5 Tips

Jack has been very eager to have his picture up on my blog. My mother asked for a recent vertical picture of Jack for her to frame and hang up. The stars aligned and Jackie-baby and I had ourselves a photo shoot this week while sister was at gymnastics. (Our last shoot did not go so well and I flat-out refused to take his picture for awhile after that.) Mean Mommy.
However, my refusal seemed to help my cause. You see, Jack likes seeing himself. He's never met a reflective surface he didn't like. Really. And here's the proof:
Just turned two, Jack in front of our fireplace watching his reflection as he sings to himself.
Five years and eight months later...
Jack without a reflective surface, but have no fear! He's equally entertained by his own shadow. (It's still him, after all.) They had been watching tennis with me and ever the imitator, Jack is shifting his weight from foot to foot like the pros do waiting for a serve.
Another imitator photo I found in storage that shows the real Jack. Jack also loves music. This photo is also from March 2003 at the age of two. Jack is singing along with Dean Martin. He obviously didn't know the words, but boy, does he love a good duet. It was an hour long special and I bet he stood there close to the full hour! (He's wearing the head piece from his red Clifford pajamas given to him from Aunt Paula.)Thanks for sticking with me as I strolled down memory lane. Here is one of the best photos from our shoot this week.I think it captures Jack in all his young-boy sweetness. Looking handsome, cooperating with his demanding photographer and hoping she got some good shots. (Which he begged to see once we were done...and asked if I'd be putting one up on my blog.) Here you go, Buddy!

Tips for Photographing your Own Children
Tip #1: Jack does much better by himself than with his sister. If you have a child who distracts easily, they may cooperate better on a solo shoot.
Tip #2: Scout out your location before you go and if possible, let them do some climbing/ jumping/exploring as a reward for being such a good subject.
Tip #3: Work quickly. I shot 40+ shots in under 45 minutes. Twenty were keepers.
Tip #4: Don't be afraid to give some simple directions - Jack was unsure of what to do with his hands while standing, so I told him to stuff 'em into his pockets or cross his arms. Sometimes, I actually did the pose myself...just leave it up to your
little imitator!
Tip #5: If things aren't working out today, bag it. Tomorrow is another day.


  1. A sweet walk down memory lane. I think of baby Jack every time baby Ph. is riveted by music. That last shot of him is just terrific - lookin' handsome, dude!

  2. so sweet! he's a keeper, ...that's for sure!

  3. what a wonderful shot of Jack as a baby a loely reflection and now what a handsome young man you have. Nice to reminisce isn't it. Thanks

  4. Jack is so funny and cute! Bet he's a hand full! Such a little blessing!

  5. Your photography is beautiful. New follower!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment! So fun to meet new people. I love your blog, and your photography is beautiful. I also love your tips, so fun! I will be a follower! :)

  7. Love the pics! They are so sweet. Thanks for the great tips....I always need lots of help. Thanks for the words of's good to know others have survived :)

  8. hi traci....thanks for stopping by and saying answer to your question....I use a pentax and the stabilization for a pentax is in the camera not the lenses....BUT, this lens is a tamaron or maybe a promaster.... or is that the same thing....anyhow, I'm not sure since that lens works with other cameras where the stabilization is....does that mess of an answer do anything for you....what a goon I am even trying to answer this for you...but maybe it will help......


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