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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ann - Maternity Shoot

It was such an honor to photograph our friends/neighbors who have since welcomed their baby girl into the world. Ann was just so relaxed and flexible regarding the scheduling (two bouts of the flu hit our house the week we were to shoot) and was wonderful to photograph.
Here's a sampling of our shoot:
Photographing adults was sooo much easier than children. Cooperative and highly photogenic subjects - what else could I ask for?
I think their happiness is so obvious in these shots and we couldn't be happier for all three of them! Congratulations Ann and Paul!


  1. Those turned out just lovely! She looks great for an imminent mother - relaxed and fit. :)

  2. You did a wonderful job....I love doing these kinds of shoots!

  3. Beautiful! Love the one on the bridge with the sunlight streaming in!!!

  4. Great shots Traci...the lighting is gorgeous and they look so blissfully happy. Thanks for your comment today. I does make me feel better knowing that someone understands "those kinds of days." It's hard being a SAHM sometimes.

  5. Lovely shots! I bet they love them. I know what you mean about photographing kids vs. adults. I am booked solid with families and kids these days, I think it makes us stronger photographers chasing our subjects around. I hope some adults clients look me up sometime! :)


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