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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome to my Cyber Nest!

I guess I'm gonna need to explain how I came to pick this quirky name for my blog. I'd like to point out(to my Mother mostly) that I am not making any kind of crack about how I was raised by using this offbeat name.

I knew I wanted a title using something with a "bird" reference. Mostly because my Nanny, now 92 years young, used to say I was such a "catbird" when I was little. That was her way of saying I was being a real stinker, but she'd always laugh when she said it. I also happen to call my best friend from Pittsburgh "Bird". It is a real term of endearment and reminds me of my Nanny whenever I hear it!

I asked my husband for some help with naming my blog and wanted a bird reference. His suggestion: call it "Bird Dirt". Ah. Yeah. Trying to be more helpful he then asked what I'd be writing about. I told him, "you know, gardening info, photography info and lots of crafty stuff." His second suggestion: "Stuff My Husband Doesn't Want to Hear About". You see what I'm working with here?

His final suggestion was "Blah, Bla-Blah, Bla-Blah, Blah, Blah". Not to worry. I already have ideas on how to repay his helpfulness.

So this blog name kinda suits me. If you know me, you probably didn't even need an explanation.

To show you who the real catbird is though, I'm posting this picture of my Nanny from Christmas 1998.

Yeah, she received and posed with a "do-rag" and Risky Business sunglasses on Christmas day. Gift courtesy of my brother - another real bird! However, it took no coaxing to get this photo. She's always up for a good time.

So here's to the matriarchal bird of our family! (Thank God she doesn't own a computer!)


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  2. You rock, CSS!!!! Love the name, the design AND the 1st post!! This is gonna be fun... ;-)


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