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Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Purpose Here and an Apology in Advance

My plan is to share tips, funny stories (I think I'm a distant relative of Lucille Ball), hobbies/obsessions, photos, but most of all it is to stay connected. So often life just seems to sweep us up, wear us down or just plain ol' get in the way. I have friends who live ten minutes away, but we have to make serious commitments to get together or it doesn't happen. Let 's not even mention any friends who live more than ten minutes away. So I feel I've lost touch with some very dear people. People who I think of often, but neglect to call for one sorry reason or another. So I hope you'll come, maybe learn something, maybe get a chuckle, but I really hope to keep my friends and I feeling connected. And maybe even make some new friends.

That being said, now here is my apology. Sorry, but I am not going to fret over ending my sentences with prepositions, I will misuse punctuation marks frequently, I will forget to use spell check a time or two and I will often write run-on sentences. Nor do I claim to be a talented writer, but I will always try to share goodness. Apology done. you know I mean what I say and so my husband knows I wasn't bluffing about repaying him for his "helpfulness" (see previous post if this needs further explanation) ya go:

Who's laughing now, Mr. Sassypants? HA!

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  1. I'm sorry, did you say something? 'Cause I can't stop looking at that photo and Bwahahahing! :)
    Consider yourself connected.
    a friend over 10 minutes away


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