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Monday, August 10, 2009

Tone on Tone

So this was the inspiration for my latest project. A pillow from Pier 1 which perfectly matched the fresh coat of paint I applied not so long ago. I loved the texture of it and it "spoke to me". (Not that I'm hearing voices.) Just a little justification going on.

Anyway, my space has lots of personal eye candy. Photos, ribbons, stuff I love. However, I wanted to keep the one wall as a place where the eyes can rest, but not be left undone. What to do?
Here's what I did:

I found these tins at Hobby Lobby and got them when their wall decor was on sale at 50% off. They would have been fine (and even matched) if I'd left them black. Instead, I used some remaining paint and ooh,la,la! I was a happy girl. And the kicker???
I get to make my own magnets and clips in case I want to use them
to put up inspirational/creative goodies. Don'tcha just love when a plan comes together?

Where have you found inspiration?
Thanks for looking.

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  1. Yes! A deal and a delight, all in one. I love the idea of a place to put little magnets, etc. Those tiles are fab...


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