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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Christmas in July - Part I

A few places I, browse used this marketing ploy to try and boost their summer sales figures. And it got me thinking. How about New Year's resolutions in August? Why in the world would anyone want to do that, you ask? I dunno. Maybe it's the Georgia heat and humidity getting the best of me. Or that the start of school is like a new beginning for me too. Maybe I know I need to make some changes and I shouldn't wait any longer. Maybe actually writing them down for all to see will be what keeps me accountable. It really probably is the heat, though. I sweat just puttin' lipstick on. Really.

Regardless the reason - the resolution I want to make is getting birthday cards out to friends and family. Yes, I actually have to include family on this
one. I am an equal opportunity slacker. Sad and shameful, but true. I'm embarrassed even writing this for all to see.

The kicker?

I actually make cards! Nice ones, too, I'm told.

So if your birthday has passed already in 2009, here's my birthday card to you.

Expect one closer to your actual birthday in 2010. (Unless this whole August resolution thing goes down the crapper as fast as January resolutions do.)

P.S. If I ever make a resolution regarding any kind of exercise or work out program any time other than January - call 911, I'm suffering from heatstroke!


  1. Thanks for the early birthday card! It's really beautiful.
    Welcome to blogging. Yours is very beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my place.

  2. LOL! L-o-v-e the card. I knew you thought of me fondly. I am still my doling out my T originals very sparingly... I spread the remaining ones on my desk and sigh in delight.:)


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