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Monday, May 3, 2010

Fabulous Photoshop!

I have to admit that a lot of work (for me) goes into making a photograph. Before this whole digital world, I shot with a SLR and film - for twenty years. (Feel free to think, "Gee she must've started taking pictures when she was 10 years-old." I love starting the the day off in denial!) So shooting photos was a lot of trial and error. I got photos back and had to learn from my mistakes after the fact.

Now with my digital SLR and photoshop, I can go from this:(not too bad)
to this:
Our wonderful, cute, stinker-boy, Godson goes from this:
to this:

or even this:
Doesn't that make a world of difference?
So while it may take some extra time processing my own photographs, the time is well spent. I've had to learn to embrace this technical & digital world. It hasn't been the easiest transition, but how can I argue with the results?
I still believe though that even without this technology, anyone can become a better photographer by learning about the basics: lighting, composition, textures, patterns, etc. Do any of these topics interest you? Let me know!

If you have time, please visit Lens Us Together. I am hosting the theme this week and it is "Prepared". See what my peonies have to do with my theme!

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  1. :) i shot for a long time before i learned how many photographers used photoshop to improve on the talent they already had. i felt bad because no matter how hard i tried, my stuff never looked like theirs...until i discovered the joys of photoshop. and pow - it can really 'wake up' a shot and give it the pizazz that maybe a good shot needs.

    you're so right on!!

  2. love photoshop. one of the reasons i love photography and feeds my creative side

  3. what a cutey pie godson is...i really like how PS helps my photos as well, your theme was a great idea this week!!

  4. Love the examples- and I am a photoshop addict. Like you, I grew up using film- assisting my father in his dark room, processing, learning, and accepting the outcomes.
    Love the theme for this week!

  5. Great post! I am off to visit L.U.T and see your theme! :)

  6. What wonderful edits! I love PS...couldn't live without it!!!


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