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Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have been so inspired by the talented photographers over at Lens Us Together, that I have to share what they have motivated me to try and link you up directly to some of their awesome sites!
Some brief background as we start. I value my sleep. With two young 'uns who must be at the bus stop by 7:00 am, my night owl tendencies and a husband who travels Monday through Friday, I covet my sleep. But after seeing the shots being taken by these ladies, I was determined to get out and catch the early rising sun and the fabulous light which comes with it. Yep, I spent two hours one day shooting landscapes and nature shots when I could've been comfy cozy back in bed.
Look what I would have missed:These shots were inspired by Mary over at In a Soft Light and Simple Things.
She is my Landscape Idol. Back when I got my first camera, I was crazy for landscapes, but extreme lighting situations befuddled me. I'm still befuddled, but now I'm digitally learning how to cover up, I mean correct my mistakes. Back to Mary...her photographs have such a dreamy, peaceful feel to them. Check out this one and this one to see a couple of my favorites. She also has a feature called Mosaic Monday on her third blog, Little Red House. I've lost a few morning hours clicking on the links of everybody who comes there to share their own mosaics.

Next up is Caroline from NoWordz and Whimsical Whispers. Her photographs are breath taking! I love her use of textures and the way she finds beauty in everyday objects.
Be sure to check out the black and white of apples on NoWordz which is just awesome (but I can't link up for some reason)! I mean, apples...really? I love it.
I took these:

after seeing this incredible photo of Caroline's.
She also has her first book for sale! You can preview it here or click on the "Buy the Book!" button at the top of her NoWordz site. Talk about a great gift for a photography enthusiast! Are you listening, honey?

Then there is 30 Days of Gratitude as Cora's theme for November on her blog, Heartfelt and Homemade. I had every intention of following Cora's lead on this one, but did I mention how much I love and need sleep? I have so enjoyed reading her posts each day. On some particularly long, rainy days, I have been pulled out of a funk by reading one of Cora's gratitudes. One of my favorites can be found here, but I highly recommend reading them all to find your personal favorite! Of course, each gratitude is accompanied by one of Cora's beautiful photographs.
Here is my precious Ella yet again. You can thank Kate at A Picture A Day for inspiring me to share my dear Ella more often. You see, in addition to her fabulous photos, you will see her fabulous dog, George. Ella was getting a wee bit jealous.

Finally, to see some ridiculously amazing family portraits, you need to visit Michelle (Shell) over at Wildflower Studio Blog. She is one smart cookie - picking a winery for a family session so mom and dad can do some tasting while the kids are busy being photographed. I have no pictures to show you - go visit her site while I pour some wine. See... she did inspire me!

Thank you ladies, for sharing your gifts and talents, for inspiring me to try new things and to look at things in a new light!


  1. I am so touched you noted me as one of your inspirations! Thank you so much for your kind words. Your photos are amazing and now I am inspired!:) Now, I will have to go and check out those other lovelies you mentioned above! They sound fantastic!
    Thanks again, I am so flattered!

  2. Oh Traci, your morning shots are amazing! Such beautiful light! And thanks so much for your sweet words! Taking photos can sometimes be a very solitary experience; to know that someone appreciates them is truly a gift. Thanks again, I'm honored. :)

  3. beautiful shots and i completely agree, these ladies are very inspiring. i particularly love the 3rd sunbeam shot.

    glad you are part of the group of talented ladies.

  4. Thanks you Traci for your wonderful words and links to my blog! This is a beautiful tribute and so sweet of you to do so! I love love love your morning's amazing what we can miss day to day along our way.
    I have really enjoyed being a part of blogging and Lens.Us.Together! Thanks again! :)

  5. T - these are just beautiful! My 2 faves are Ella, and the 2nd landscape - where the moss on the sides of the trees just pops out so beautifully. I say, frame 'em and give 'em as gifts! ;) Just helping you out, you know, get a head start... Happy Monday!

  6. Wow Wow Wow!!! You've motivated me...I like my sleep too...will have to sacrifice in hopes of some great shots like these!

  7. That third shot is just as stunning as the first one that I originally saw posted on Such beautiful light you captured!!

    ooo and I love all the links you shared of your inspiration :) Can't wait to check them all out!

    PS: thanks for the sweet comment on my reflection photo at

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog...Your blog is adorable! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!!!

  9. just checkin in...your photos are all so beautiful. Maybe someday when you are in PA and everyone has lots of time (ha!) I would love to have you do our family portraits. I admire the way you have of erasing wrinkles...not one of your subjects has them! (but, then again, your subjects are children, Ella, and trees)
    Sick with the flu & hubby on the road is my nightmare. Hugs & hoping that's it for your sicknesses this season.
    (uncrafty) Cousin Annyce

  10. ah mornings - golden!

    and yeah for Shelly - she's one of my fav's.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! :)


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