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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Halloween Countdown Calendar!

How cool is this?!? My good friend, Amanda, made a countdown calendar for Halloween! I love how it turned out. All her dates have glitter or some fabulous treatment. She painted her baking sheet (bought for $2.99 at Target) and modge podged her calendar on it. She used Dollar Store goodies she'd had in her stash.
Here is a close-up of some of her cutie-patootie dates:I'm thrilled by everyone's responses and sweet comments and so flattered I actually inspired some people! Thanks for sharing your calendar, Amanda! You rock!

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  1. I was gonna say "Oh, it's on now, and your cute calendar all inspired..." But really? It's so not on. I wish I could get my mojo on - because it's such a fab idea! And I have such a decrepit pan just waiting to be saved by paint...


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