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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Confessions of a Crappy Blogger

I have been just awful about posting in the last month. And if this blog was a plant, it would be dried up, brown and just plain pitiful looking. But I must say "thank you" to my followers and my readers. Thank you for sticking with me, thank you for your continued support and thank you for your thoughtful comments. And now, if you only wish to read positive, feel-good may wanna go read elsewhere. If you can handle some honesty and reality, stick around.

I have been busy with my family. The kids have after school activities three days of the week. I have been exhausted. I have been hot. Bring on the fall weather already! Laundry, cleaning and all domestic chores have been done. And repeated to the Nth degree. (If you are one of my three male followers or my brother, avert your eyes now...I'm about to discuss female issues.)

Let's quit this BS that our 40's are the best thing since they started making snack bags of Nutter-Butter cookies. I gotta ask Oprah, Demi and that Eat, Pray, Love chick to just shut it! I feel like I've got another set of armpits directly under my breasts. I am tired, moody and filled with self doubt. I could eat 24/7. I am out of shape and out of my mind. Yes, I'm perimenopausal. It's not pretty, it's not fun and I am at a time where I am trying to take care of everyone else.

For the past month, I collapse on the couch at the end of the day. I mindlessly watch tv and try to let go the worst of the day. I tell myself that tomorrow is another day. It hasn't been working. So I began exercising again. It hasn't solved everything, but I am feeling mentally better. Therefore, I decided to share. Because somebody else may be feeling similarly. And because the Pioneer Woman wrote that anything I'd share with a sister (if I had a sister), I could feel comfortable sharing with my readers. If you've made it this far reading, I am crowning you a blogging sister.

And I feel better unleashing that bout of verbal diarrhea.
Thanks for listening and sticking by me.


  1. Some days just suck. I always found that when I really reached the end of my rope, that I couldn't take another day of it, somehow something would change and I would be better. Good for you for exercising. It has never been my strong point.
    I am 53 and for me it was a huge joy when I went into menopause because it stopped the constant headaches I had for years. They just stopped. It is so worth the sweat and frustration for me.
    I hope you get past this part.

  2. Oh sweetie been there done that and it ain't fun! I think the fatigue is the worst! The sweats aren't fun either. It will pass but it takes a darn long time. Hang in there and sister friend, I understand!!

  3. oh amen. my back hurts my knees creak, I have to see the gynecologist on Fri....the house is a mess, I ate 3, no 4 pieces of cake yesterday...hey, verbal diarrhea is catchy. ;-)

  4. well i am ahead of you...done the menopause thing and it does get better, if not try some Lexapro, better than hormones and better for your breast (i got breast cancer when taking hormones)cut yourself a break and accept that some things will change forever...and some of that will be for the better.

  5. Been there, done I just have to take that little pill everyday so I stay cool and don't kill anyone!! haha It will get better but some things just have to change and change they do...good and bad!
    Good luck....we are all here for you! We feel your pain too!

  6. i've been missing your photos...
    hope you are energized soon with cooler weather.

  7. I hear you sister. I think I am there with you! So the question long will this REALLY TAKE? :-)

  8. Oh yes...Mama Holli is right there with ya sister! Trying to find something to eat right this minute, needing more sleep and trying to be NICE to all in my house. Hang in there it gets better. Check your thyroid too! That was ONE of my problems! I am a new follower. Will be back!


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