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Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Fix

For all of us who are "finished" adding to our immediate family...sometimes, ya just need a little baby fix and then you're good to go!
I love all his dark hair and his incredible dark brown eyes...oops! You can't see his dark eyes here. You'll need to go here to my photography blog to see MORE and BIGGER photos!

In case you are interested, I'll be sharing a post about lighting & photography here next week. All of my portraits are done with natural lighting.

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  1. SWEEEEET!!!
    It's nice when they cry to hand them BACK, too!! LOL!! ;D

  2. Very nice baby fix. Is there anyone who doesn't melt from being close to a baby? If there is, that person has a hard heart!

  3. oh my! so so sweet...i could just snuggle him up! babies are so amazing....beautiful shot.

  4. oh just adorable

  5. I can always use a baby fix. How wonderful to be able to sleep like this, sigh..........

  6. He is beautiful! That is a gorgeous shot too.


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