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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day!

A celebration of our son, who began our family life back in 2002.

Picked for us by God and the angels at Cradle of Hope.

An adorable chunk of love who was instantly a Daddy's boy.

Not yet walking, but always busy.

So eager to be fed, he'd kick his feet, wave his arms
and hold his mouth open like a baby bird.

The son we'd always dreamed of and are blessed to call our own...

Happy Gotcha Day, Jackie-baby!
We love you!

P.S. If you are or know of someone considering adoption, but they want to speak to someone who has been through the process, please feel free to give them my e-mail.


  1. Man, the years have flown by, but I can perfectly recall first meeting Jack, and chasing our "new" boys around the house. What a sweet time... Remember how loudly Jack would "talk" at that age? I think of that often, because Phoenix does that same sort of babbly-shout! Have a great Sunday...

  2. oh how beautiful - hope his birthday is just the happiest ever

  3. What a beautiful son! He is just lovely! Happy "Gotcha Day" to you all!
    I know the angels danced in heaven on the day he was placed in your arms.
    God Bless,
    Mama Holli

  4. Such a handsome his smile! What a wonderful gift for you all. Wishing Jack a very happy birthday!

  5. jack is very blessed to have you...what a very important day for celebration !

  6. Oooo how sweet. I love it that you have a "gotcha day". Congrats on finding your little angel...not so little any more! A celebration indeed!
    I wish you and yours a happy day!!

  7. What a handsome, and oh so lucky boy, and what lucky parents too!! This post warmed my heart, thanks for sharing! Happy Gotcha Day!

  8. How great that life has brought you all together. Happy Gotcha Day and a whole lot more!

  9. how wonderful to be his mom. blessings on your family!!!

  10. From baby to young man he still has the same smile and a beautiful one it is too.

  11. brings tears to my eyes. how lucky we all are that Jack is in our family! we are his biggest fans in central PA!


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