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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign...

BUT, I bet you never saw a sign like this one - unless you live near me. Making a turn into Hobby Lobby I almost ran up over the curb when I first saw it.

Prepare yourself...

I laughed s o o o o hard. Unique kiddin'!
I can appreciate enterprising new ventures, but really. Is there high demand for portable dancer's poles? Am I living in an area where this is so? Dear Lord.

I know you have questions...
- no, I didn't call the number and no, this is not on my wish list.
- why did I erase the last of the number? My husband, Mr. Sassypants, has a warped sense of humor and practical jokes are his thing. I don't even want to tempt him.
- yes, I have the rest of the number for you, Amanda.

Signing off.


  1. HA! Thx for the laugh, Rick said "why'd she take that number off?!" Yeah... HA! I'd love to be at the house that unwrapped one of those on Christmas morning! Mimosas, anyone?

  2. LOL...this made my day! heehee :)
    ...and portable to boot.....hummmmmmmmmmmm!

  3. thank you very much, i'll need that asap.

  4. that is sooooo funny!

    thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet words!

  5. Love it!!! Too funny! I actually know a couple people who own one! I just found out not too long ago! I had so many questions for them! Thank goodness its portable and not a permanent fixture in the living room! LOL!

  6. ahh awesome! Ive been looking for the perfect gift for my pastors!

  7. OMG....this is WAY too funny...
    Thanks for visiting our blog...have a wonderful week.

  8. is the directional DVD for installing the pole or dancing on the pole, or both? ;-)


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